As a dance and arts educator, my teaching philosophy centers on cultivating self-expression, critical thinking, and personal growth in students of all ages. I prioritize creating a safe and inclusive learning environment where students become confident and deliberate movers and creators. Through a diverse curriculum exploring various dance styles and techniques, I educate students not only in dance steps, vocabulary, and performance elements, but also in the historical and cultural contexts of the art form.

As Alvin Ailey once said, "dance is from the people and must always be delivered back to the people." Guided by this belief, my teaching philosophy empowers students to firmly occupy their space in the world of dance. I strive to make students aware of their place within the broader tapestry of dance history, emphasizing cultural understanding and appreciation. By engaging them in self-expression within dance and the fine and performing arts, I aim to nurture their individual artistic voices and prepare them to become artists and leaders who contribute meaningfully to the dance and arts community.